The religious text tell of the ultimate battle of good versus evil, as the elves unknowingly released the greatest evil know to what could have been a world of paradise. Twice the battle has threatened the inhabitants and twice good has won out over evil. But the religious text also foretells of a third coming of evil and with it will bring the desolation to all.

The shadow of a drake darkening the land is enough to send fear through the greatest of hero, as history records no mortal that has ever slain one. Rumors have it the chromatics have aligned themselves with the demons of evil to rid this planet of all. Hope lies in the metallics but none has been seen for centuries.

Many of the races today look at the religious text as more history and tall tales than warnings of the things to come. They build their kingdoms, war over land and power. Some have been fortunate enough to prosper others are on the brink of none existence. False gods, demons and devils under the guise of mortal challenge their lives often completely undetected for thousands years.

Storm Haven

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