Storm Haven

Howl of The Carrion King
Unlucky in The Burning Badlands

The adventure group met up in the town of Oxfelled on a tip from their patron Aldaron that a man named Garavel was looking for some hired swords. Quickly after enlisting in his service they found themselves in a caravan crossing the Pale Peeks into The Burning Badlands. The party was made up of Laurana the half-elf acrobat, Garroc the dwarven warrior, Ghastritch the human priest of nature, Dart the human priest of Falcadion, Twitch the chanting monk and Yojimbo the human samurai.

After a several weeks long journey over the Pale Peeks pass the party had their destination of the Sultan’s Claw in sight. But rest from their long journey was not waiting on them at their end point. As they arrived into the camp one of wagons waiting on them was completely engulfed in flames and the entire camp had turned to chaos. Quickly the party joined the rest of the await caravan in putting out the flames and getting the camp returned to order.

Once the fire had been put out and some order returned, Garavel introduced the party to the patron of the adventure. Princess Almah Roveshki, she instructed the party that she needed immediate help that she felt that their camp had been the victim of arson and wanted them to investigate.

The party started on their task that night. Talking to the other mercenaries of the camp, who had been finishing the evening meal with a sturdy drink around the feast-fire and the priest Zastoran who had been trying to read around the feast-fire but the mercenaries were just too loud for him to enjoy.

They then spoke to the Camel Drivers of the caravan who had been tending to their flock when the fire broke. They implicated the Gnoll Hunter Dashki, because he had what appeared to be an unhealthy affection towards Princess Almah and was attempting to remove the fortuneteller Eloais from the picture. They were also distressed that their favorite goat Rombard had gone missing during the evenings chaos and they feared the worse.

Ghastritch’s love of all things in nature got the best of him and he was determined to return Rombard to them. Garroc worried that the druid bumping around in the night along could mean the end of him and set out with him to help find the lost goat.

Meanwhile the rest of the party decides to have a conversation with Dashki, who was wandering just outside of the camp. When they confront him about the fire, he immediately declares his innocence in the night’s events and suggests the fire could have been started by the unlucky of the pugwampis.

Ghastritch and Garroc find the lost goat, trapped in a dense patch of cacti. Carefully picking their path through they manage to reach and free the scared Rombard. Only to be attacked by very angry desert gremlin known as a pugwampi. It seems this particular pugwampi had plans to eat Rombard.

Once they were able to bring the dead body of the pugwampi back to the Sultan’s Claw, it backed up Dashki’s story and Almah was pleased to put this to rest.

Almah then informed the party of the reason they had been hired. She is on a mission to liberate the village of Agan from the gnolls. But now fears that the hills around the Sultan’s Claw maybe too dangerous for them to stay. She enlists the party to set out the next morning to secure a nearby ruined monastery for the caravan to hold up in.

The party finds the monastery to be inhabited by even more pugwampis, a troop of baboons and a few stirges. In the underground laboratory they face off against a slime mold that after attacking Yojimbo he has an uncontrollable urge to go and dig in the overgrown courtyard. While digging Yojimbo finds an ornate katanna he declares as his own.

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